Episode 118: Acoutrements – Cocktail Glasses

We’re a bit rusty at this, but we’re back like hipsters drinking from Mason jars. Cycle 2.0 begins with a discussion of the crazy variety of drinking glasses a well-stocked bar can have, but then veers off to talking about Mount Everest because Kate has a one-track mind. Join us!

Episode 116: Back to Basics – Brandy

We’re back, and our snifters are full of that most grape-y of base liquors, brandy. Josh learns how to test booze by exploding it, and Kate learns that Winston Churchill was getting free Turkish hooch long after he was dead. Join us!

Episode 114: Back to Basics – Bourbon

Raylan Givens says bourbon tastes like a warm summer day, and who are we to argue? Our survey of base liquors alights on the patriotic choice of all Kentuckians. Josh discovers the forgotten states of Kentinia and Virgucky. Kate has trouble with the “ch” sound. Join us!